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Many technologies rely on antibodies conjugated with fluorophores to function. As you are planning your next assay, you may consider who to entrust your precious materials to that will deliver a labeled product efficiently and affordably. Cisbio’s custom solutions team is your answer. With over 30 years of experience in custom labeling techniques, Cisbio will provide you a product that meets and exceeds your expectations.

A very diverse offer to fullfill your needs

Thanks to our different labeling techniques and also the large variety of linkers and dyes, we are able to label many kind of material, always trying to find best options to fit your needs.

Many kinds of material

Workable materials

  • Small proteins
  • Large proteins
  • Antibodies
Labeling techniques

Labeling techniques

  • N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) and Sulfo-NHS-primary amines
  • Maleimide
  • Click Chemistry
Variety of dyes

Dyes and linkers

  • Biotin
  • Fluorophores (Eu, Tb, XL665, d2, Fluorescein…)
  • Linkers

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A fast turnaround you can rely on

Scientific discoveries cannot wait. Why should you? Virtually all our clients receive their labeled material in less than 1 week following delivery to Cisbio. Labeling times aren’t guaranteed, and the actual performance varies depending on the quantity of protein being labeled. Take a look at the US figures for 2017:

A fast turnaround you can rely on

A fast turnaround you can rely on

Unrivaled expertise

We understand that an excellent assay starts with a stellar labeling. That is the reason why your material will receive the same attention and discerning labeling techniques as the material Cisbio uses in its catalogue products. We use the same protocols, quality dyes, and QC procedure to make certain you will receive the best possible product. Cisbio’s labs and scientists are equipped with the latest equipment to deliver the best possible yield and the most precise analytical reporting. Take a virtual 360 tour of our facilities:

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We believe that mastery is achieved in repetition. Our scientists perform over a hundred labelings per year, a true testament to their mastery.

Unrivaled expertise

Results you can trust

Evidence of successful conjugation is systematically provided. Top quality control metrics include:

  • The labeling yield
  • The FMR (Final Molar Ratio) or ratio of number of dyes conjugated with the final product
  • The final concentration
Results you can trust

Customer support

Do you have a question about your final product? Do you need to discuss what the numbers on the report mean? Automated phone systems infuriate you? Cisbio guarantees a direct access to the scientist who performed your labeling. We do not use automated phone systems or complex directory. Simply talk to the right person, right away.

Customer support

Local support

All non-small molecule labelings are performed right there, in our Bedford Massachusetts laboratories. Experience the convenience of having access to a local team, ready to help you whenever you need it. Experience the convenience of having access to a local team, ready to help you whenever you need it. They share the same passion as yours: Science!

Local support

A straightforward and clear process

Cisbio focuses on efficiency and rapidity, keeping you in the loop every step of the way. First select your fluorophore and send us your material to be labeled. Our experts will handle your labeling and keep you posted at every stage before sending it to you right away! It’s as simple as that!

A straightforward process 1

A straightforward process 2

A straightforward process 3

A straightforward process 4

Curious about the custom laboratories in Bedford, MA-USA and Codolet-France?

“Our people are our greatest asset and the main reason why pharmaceutical and biotech firms trust Cisbio with their development projects. Our custom teams are knowledgeable, hard-working and dedicated to our clients’ success. What truly makes the difference is their likable and personable characters.”

Nicolas Pierre, Global Product Manager for Services.


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Explore our US and Europe labs to check our latest equipment, and look around our chemistry lab where small molecule labeling magic occurs!

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