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Atomic Energy Commission expands its research into biology and creates Cisbio’s precursor organization, with the mission to create new in vivo and in vitro diagnostic tools using radioactive tracers. The first gastrin immunoprecipitation dosage produced as a follow-up to work by Roselyn Yallow, co-winner of the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for development of the radioimmunoassay (RIA) technique.

Immunoassays gain momentum with the development of monoclonal antibodies. Immunometric tests produced to provide sensitive quantification of biomolecules. Cisbio plays an active role in optimizing the first tumor marker doses in diagnostics, in collaboration with Centocor.

HTRF opens a new horizon for Cisbio. Based on the use of rare earth cryptates and work by Jean-Marie Lehn, a pioneer in supramolecular chemistry and 1987 Nobel Prize Prize in Chemistry winner. Cisbio’s R&D teams adapt his discoveries to create high-throughput drug screening applications and study biomolecular interactions. HTRF quickly becomes a technology standard in the field.

Cisbio opens its facilities in Bedford, MA to support the growing demand of researchers in North America. The structure grows quickly, particularly for scientific support, offering Cisbio customers the responsiveness they need to drive their screening and research actions forward.

Cisbio launches IP-One, a unique tool for studying Gq-type GPCR activation. This assay quantifies inositol monophosphate, a second messenger equivalent to cyclic AMP used for Gs and Gi receptors, and for which Cisbio developed one of the very first homogeneous and cellular assays. With this innovation, Cisbio strengthens its position as a leader in receptor biology.

Cisbio continues its deployment in the field of membrane receptors and launches Tag-lite, a technology for studying ligand-receptor binding, receiving the 2009 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award. With Tag-lite and its applications, Cisbio offers a unique portfolio of high-performance tools for biology, from receptor level interaction to cellular function induction.

Major pharmaceutical companies continue to expand into China, along with the main contract research organizations. Cisbio China opens its offices and laboratory with an experienced team in Shanghai to stay close to customer projects. The entity also supports Cisbio distributors in South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Australia.

Present in Japan for more than twenty years, Cisbio creates its offices and laboratory in 2014, specifically dedicated to its life science activity in Chiba, in the Tokyo metropolis. Once again, Cisbio wanted to remain close to Japanese pharmaceutical companies and major academic centers to provide the support needed for implementing their projects, leveraging a scientific team with over twenty years experience optimizing assays.

The company’s phosphoprotein assay portfolio reaches 100 cellular kits. Based on a homogeneous format, these kits offer simpler and more sensitive quantification with respect to conventional assays. They cover most of the major cell-signaling pathways, as well as a broad range of therapeutic fields, including oncology, NASH, metabolic diseases, and neurodegenerative pathologies.

Over the last 10 years, Cisbio has grown its product portfolio at an average rate of 38 new assays per year, and has significantly expanded the numbers of assay solutions for cell signaling, secreted biomarkers, and protein-protein interactions. Critical therapeutic indications are now extensively covered, including immuno-oncology, NASH, neurodegeneration... This on-going innovation has enabled Cisbio’s no-wash assays to become leaders in the field of life sciences.  Now, Cisbio has a new chapter in its history opening with its acquisition by PerkinElmer, giving even greater possibilities for researchers worldwide to access our comprehensive assay solutions and to advance towards success in their drug discovery projects.


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